Adam: A story of struggle and determination

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Since 2007, I have been out of work due to medical reasons. I have had multiple surgeries to give me more freedom and mobility, and to try and slow down the progress of my disability. Because of the surgeries, I am no longer able to work in the environments that I had worked in. I decided to go back to school for something that wouldn't be affected by my disability, and find something that I really wanted to do. I chose to take the Child and Youth Worker program, and after only being in the program for one semester so far, I know that this is the right program for me, and the right career path. Since I have started the program, I have gone through hell and back trying to get my OSAP funding for my tuition. I have jumped through hoops, have gone above and beyond for them, and with everything that I have had to do, I have still managed to show up everyday, and do the best I can. With all of the stresses that have happened throughout first semester, I am still determined to complete the program no matter what it takes. I am happy to be back in school after 12 years, and I want to prove to myself, and others that I can do it.


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