Adamm: A story of student focus

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An award-winning producer, director, writer and cinematographer, Adamm Liley has spent the past 20 years telling powerful stories and bringing some of Canada’s most iconic television shows to life, including This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

A professor in Fanshawe’s Advanced Filmmaking program, Adamm uses his extensive technical knowledge and longstanding industry connections to empower students to reach their potential.

“Sharing real life examples with my students and passing along the many tricks of the trade I’ve picked up during my career has really been rewarding,” he says.

Outside of the classroom, Adamm remains involved in the industry by producing his own documentaries and spending the summers in Halifax, Nova Scotia working as Director of Photography on the set of Trailer Park Boys.

While on set, Adamm is constantly thinking of the classroom, bringing back behind-the-scenes photos and using them in conjunction with the finished video to walk students through the equipment and set up required to produce various scenes. “The photos really help me bring the curriculum to life, showing what we do and how we do it,” he says.

This summer (2015), Adamm also gave two students valuable hands-on experience as interns with his 12-person production crew.

“I’m lucky because I have a job that doesn’t seem like a job,” he says. “Sharing my career with students has been really rewarding.”


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