Amanda: A story of a second chance

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This is a story of a second chance. I started my college career after leaving high school at the age of 18 . I enrolled in the Developmental Service Worker program but was unable to complete the program. I left school and went to work. After gaining life experience working within the childcare centres, I found the courage to come back to school and began the Early Childhood Education Program at Fanshawe College. Although nervous, I put in place all of the supports needed to allow me to be successful and surrounded myself with a group of friends who were serious students, there to get an education.

After experiencing a taste of success by getting A’s in my first semester, I continued to strive for excellence throughout the whole course. I applied myself to my schoolwork and gained valuable work experience through placements which allowed me to become a capable, competent Early Childhood Educator. I realized that I would now be able to guide and support young children through their learning.

I am leaving school, confident not only with my abilities to educate young children but with the knowledge that I have now found my chosen career. The support I received at Fanshawe College and my new found confidence allowed me to leave college on the President's Honour Roll, something I never thought was possible.


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