Amani: A story of determination

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I decided to attend Fanshawe for its remarkable reputation. I am happy for making this choice. Fanshawe has helped me grow personally and professionally. I am currently in the third year of the Business Marketing Advanced Diploma program. At Fanshawe, I feel supported and valued. I consider staff and faculty as my family for supporting me through tough times, and for always being there for me. While I was determined to pursue post-secondary education, my family had different ideas and tried to hold me back.

My family left Canada in summer 2016. Despite being here without the support of family, I have succeeded and thrived. I am proud of my independence and achievements. I remain determined to shape my own path. It is also important for me to give back to the community that helped me get the education I wanted for myself. I am an active member of the Fanshawe community. I currently work on campus as a Student Ambassador with the Reputation and Brand Management Department and as a Student Administrative Council representing Lawrence Kinlin School of Business.

My advice to everyone reading my story is always ask for help when you need it, as we have fantastic supporting staff and faculty. Another piece of advice is to get involved. Being active on campus helps you grow and gain valuable skills and experience.


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