Amber: A story of passion

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I am the first of my immediate family to go to college. My brother has autism and was being treated unfairly in his school, so I decided I wanted to go to Fanshawe College to be a Child and Youth Worker to see their side of why my brother was being treated the way he was. Turns out, I love working with children and learning from the children on how to better my skills. Fanshawe taught me so many new skills and how to work with different children. Because of this program, I have opened my eyes to see the world a little differently, and this program has taught me patience, which is something we need in everyday life.

In life there are so many struggles and different obstacles. Everyone needs a little push once in a while and that is why I am here at Fanshawe - so I can help others with that little push to motivate them like I motivated myself to go to school. I could not see myself anywhere else but Fanshawe and because of my passion for children I am working in a field I love.


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