Andrea: A story of triumph

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While waiting to see if I was accepted to the CYW program at Fanshawe, my father passed away. My word crashed down all around me. Not long after he passed away I was accepted to the program. Five months later another tragedy - my older brother died by suicide. Now I was unsure of my future as I began my long struggle through grief, PTSD, depression, binge eating disorder and anxiety. A year after my father passed away it was time for me to decide where I was going to go to school if at all. I was unsure if I could do it, I was in such a bad place. I was very afraid; but I did not want to be stuck where I was for even one more day! I decided to do it. Being in the Child and Youth Worker Program at Fanshawe was very hard emotional and mentally. I did it with the amazing staff and students by my side, I made it through. The CYW program allowed me to open up in a way I would never have experienced otherwise. I made great friends. It helped me discover who I truly was and where I was going next. Thank you Fanshawe for all the support you offer students on so many levels! I received the best education around and will be forever grateful!


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