Andrea: A story of opportunity

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I started my journey at Fanshawe as a mature student in the ACE program. After proving myself and gaining entrance into the college, I studied and graduated from the General Arts & Science program, then later enrolled in Computer Programmer Analyst where I would study for another 3 years.

It was challenging balancing coursework, working a full-time job, and raising my now 6-year-old son, but every ounce of effort was well worth it. I loved every moment of it, from the coursework to my professors, many of whom I am still in contact with.

Throughout my studies, Fanshawe recognized my academic achievements, and I was fortunate to receive various awards for my accomplishments which helped fund my tuition and fuel my ambition. I was also given the opportunity and a scholarship for a Japanese Cultural Exchange program to Ibaraki Christian University. In December of 2014, I graduated from the CPA program maintaining a perfect 4.2 cumulative GPA with a total of 45 A+ grades, and later received the Dean's Academic Award and Governor General's Academic Medal.

Many of the career opportunities that I have been presented with are not only because of the skills I was able to learn, but also through the generosities from the college and of the professors, and co-op consultants who were willing to stand behind me. Thank you Fanshawe.


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