Andrea: A story of resilience

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Becoming a single parent raising 3 boys, I was faced with limited options in financial security. Fanshawe College had wonderful guidance to help me decide on what were the best decisions. I gained entrance into the MRT program and worked hard to finish the academic portion. I did face problems when I entered the clinical portion as I was placed in Chatham. I could not move my children and decided that I would just commute. The extra 3 hrs driving onto of the workday became too difficult to maintain for the children. I was devastated but I had to withdraw from the program. Two terms later I was a very lucky person, to have the coordinator of the program work with St. Josephs London clinical coordinator to allow me to re-enter. I did face the biggest challenge again. I was working at the hospital when an aneurysm in my brain ruptured and my life was at risk. I was rushed to the University Hospital and underwent numerous surgeries to recover. The support from St. Josephs Hospital and the MRT program at Fanshawe College were so very kind and giving. The clinical coordinator at St.Josephs stayed by my side through everything and is my rock. The professors have greatly surpassed traditional student support given. They are all the hands that have helped me stand again.


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