Anne: A story of beginnings

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Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

For many prospective students, their Fanshawe story begins with a school presentation, an email response or a campus tour from Anne Hamilton, a student recruitment officer at the College since 2012.

Being at the very beginning of a student’s Fanshawe story means she influences their first impression of the College, provides them with the answers they need to make informed decisions about post-secondary schooling, and reassures them that they will indeed make it through the sometimes-overwhelming application process.

Most often though, it’s about creating excitement for all things Fanshawe.

This can be as simple as handing someone a free Fanshawe pen, or as complex as overseeing a big recruitment event on campus with thousands of visitors.

Either way, the familiar faces that Anne and her recruitment colleagues see in the hallways, at graduation ceremonies, and at alumni events remind them of the gratifying role they play in the beginning of so many incredible Fanshawe stories.


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