Anne Marie: A story of determination

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As a graduate of Fanshawe's Broadcast Journalism program, it taught me to objectively research, report and tell the news of life in our city. I started my path at CHYR in Leamington, then at CJBK/BX 93 Radio in London where I was a reporter covering city council. Quite ironically that in covering city hall, I got the political bug and ran successfully for City Council in Ward 5 at the age of 26. From there, I was humbled that my career took off making my way into the Mayor's office from 2000-2010, becoming London's longest serving Mayor. Words can't express how it feels to make a difference in the lives of the people I served for 19 years in total. I became stronger as an individual and a person of conviction, making decisions based on integrity, determination and a passion for helping others live their dreams, hopes and aspirations for a better life. My career path has come full circle and now working at Fanshawe for almost four years, as Executive Advisor and Government Relations, I can take the best of my knowledge, experience and network of contacts to raise the profile of Fanshawe in circles where new partnerships are borne, giving students more pathways to exciting careers. I don't know what new opportunities await, but it has been an extraordinary ride so far.


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