Audrey: A story of opportunities

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After university, I struggled to find a career path that I could really get excited about. After several years of working in my hometown and travelling abroad, I learned about Fanshawe’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations post-gradate program. When I started the program, I knew I made the right decision because it just felt right! I loved Fanshawe’s relaxed atmosphere and the great friends and motivating teachers I met along the way. Not to mention, the curriculum was intensive which was what I was looking for because I really wanted to be prepared for my career.

Once I graduated, I landed a position at a local marketing firm called The Marketing Department (TMD), which became my home for nearly 7 years where I worked as a Client Services Manager. Two years ago, things came full circle and I came back to Fanshawe… this time to work in the Reputation and Brand Management Department as a Marketing Officer.

I not only credit Fanshawe for the great learning experience back in 2007 that prepared me for a career in marketing and communications, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work here today with a great team.

Thank you Fanshawe for all the opportunities!


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