Bernadette: A story of overcoming obstacles

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I grew up in the food business working for my father since I was 12. I now have my own business with an amazing partner! We have been in business for over 17 years, making specialty cookies. We ship our product all over North America! With all the business we had to move into our new facility which is over 10,000 square feet.

From 2005 -2009 our company relied on the corporate market as we did a lot of custom logo cookies for companies like Google, Verizon wireless, and Motorola to name a few. When the stock market crashed, the first thing companies cut were there marketing budgets. On top of that I got cancer just after having my baby. We almost lost our shirt, if it weren't for our third partner who believed in us and our products. We would not be in business today if he did not jump in. As a business owner you need to learn to always be changing and over come any obstacles that come in your way. I have become a better business person because some of our failings.

Alumna, Fanshawe College, Hotel and Restaurant Management, 1991


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