Brad: A story of innovation

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From a corner of his basement, Brad Young is chasing innovative ideas that will help turn London into a hi-tech hub; it’s a transformation Brad hopes to start with a wave of his hand.

A graduate of Fanshawe’s Electronics Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technician programs, Brad is using his expertise to help people do things better, quicker and more efficiently. The first project in development, Motus, is a gesture device that allows a user to control a computer with the wave of a hand. It has a wide-range of applications from professional design to improving accessibility for those who struggle to use a mouse.

Brad has a list of other pioneering ideas that he plans to pursue in the coming years. “I want to help incubate technology, create jobs and spur other companies to develop technology in London,” he says.

The future wasn’t always so promising for Brad. His first attempt at college didn’t go as planned as he struggled to find motivation. After a series of low-paying jobs, and a successful return to school, Brad is now a budding entrepreneur and part-time teacher at Fanshawe. He tells his students to apply themselves and their effort will pay off.

“From the time I first entered college to the time I left as a graduate, I doubled my income,” he says. “I tell my students, ‘Just apply yourself and it actually turns into real-world dollars. You’ll quickly pay back what you spend on your education.’”


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