Brianna: A story of cognizance

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As a seven year old competitive ballet dancer, I gazed out above the audience knowing my mother was near the front, rooting for me as always. Fast forward five years to grade eight graduation. Gazing out, I am still able to see my mother in the front row, listening intently to my valedictorian speech.

It's true, numerous people would have agreed, I was an ambitious and talented young girl. Avoiding the influence of society at all costs, until I fell into the wrong crowd. I met a boy. A sweet, tall, charming boy with a bad reputation.

I truly didn't understand, as I was young and naive. However some days seemed perfect between us, while other days our relationship felt like a deadly drug addiction.
After three years of being in this relationship, I realized it was toxic. I was walking on eggshells, I was isolated, I had dropped out of high school, quite my first job and burned family relationships, all because of the control he had.

After various charges were laid, I mustered up some strength and left the negative atmosphere. This is why I applied to the Social Service Worker program at Fanshawe, to prepare myself for a career in assisting victims of abuse. I found myself and became happy and I want to help someone else do the same!


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