Brittanni: A story of strength

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At 13 years old the thought of death is just that, a thought. At 13 it was more than that for me. After attending over a handful of funerals and watching my dad completely lose himself I'd had enough. I entered into high school, enduring endless comments and jokes about my weight. By grade ten I couldn't pretend anymore. I planned for a few days, thankfully I was stopped before I went too far and decided right there that this is my life and I'm taking it back.

It took two weeks in PICU and two years of talking to get myself where I am today. I look back today, 19 years old, and I am proud. Proud of how far I have come, happy that I am still here.

Making the decision to take my life back included going away to school. Now I am here. Almost graduated and ready to go on into life on my own.

We are all strong. Find where your strength derives from and go with it. Nothing is too hard to over come. You can do it, you will do it, and some day happiness will be yours. Work for it because happiness is the most healing emotion in the world and everyone deserves it.

Be strong. Be happy. Be you.


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