Carleana: A story of trust

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In 2012, like a snow globe, my secure world had been turned upside down and left to settle. This wasn’t the first time I felt worthless and horrified, but it was then I realized some scars never really go away. At fifteen I was raped. For years I tried to understand why such things happen. What I’ve learned is – each life experience provides an opportunity to rediscover who we truly are. I was forty-nine, unemployed, and uneducated when my husband of twenty three years walked out on our children and me, leaving me solely responsible for a home and our three amazing daughters. I knew I would survive, but what about our children, and how would I ensure they’d get the education they were promised? Without knowing the answers, I encouraged them to apply at Fanshawe. They were accepted. Then, I reached out to many of the services Fanshawe offers. Before I knew it, my children’s post-secondary needs were being addressed. Linda MacLeod was a huge part of our journey. Because of Linda’s effortless support and continued inspiration, at fifty two years of age, I took a leap from fear and enrolled at Fanshawe myself. I’ve no idea where this path is leading me, but I trust each step forward I take, brings me closer to me and where I am meant to be.


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