Carlee: A story of life's path

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When I applied to Fanshawe in 2013, I wanted nothing more than to become an DSW; so it was the only program I applied to. I was so excited when I received my offer, I accepted right away! I spent the summer preparing to go to college and I couldn't wait; life had a different path planned for me though. You can imagine my shock when I received an email saying that due to unpaid fees I was put on a waiting list for my program, when I knew I had paid everything! After talking with the extremely busy staff in the registrars office, I put the pieces together that I had unfortunately sent my cheques out too late. I felt lost and unsure of what to do next, all the staff I talked to at Fanshawe were so supportive and helped me come up with a new plan quick! I was told about the SSW course and applied right away. Thanks to those staff I am currently in the graduating year and could not picture myself doing anything else with my life! Who knew life would have a totally different plan for me! ;)


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