Carleigh: A story of determination and hard work

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My story is very simple. I want to bring to the importance of everyone out there that you need to build a network. I started at Fanshawe in 2009 for a 2 year marketing business diploma. During my second year, I applied for an internship with the London Knights. I got it - and I did it the entire year. It was hard, balancing school, work and friends but I pulled myself through. Through this I managed to get an internship with O'Leary Funds, a co-op with The City of St. Catherines, and finally my first career position as a Marketing Coordinator with Harlequin. Build a network. Stay strong. Learn. And put forth everything you can. There is good in the world, sometimes you just have to earn it!

Thank you Fanshawe for giving me my beginning to make a better future for myself. Thank you for hiring amazing teachers, who give great projects, and encourage students to strive for their dreams.
Thanks for making my dream, a reality.


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