Carlissa: A story of will

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I am a mother of two. I thought I was putting my life on hold to raise my kids, but in fact I was just buying time. I was never ready until now, never focused until now. I want so much for my future, and the future of the people who I love, that I am willing to do something that my parents were never willing to do for me or my sisters; plan. I have a plan that starts with Fanshawe College.

Sometimes I am tired, but I find motivation in the faces of the people who rely on me whether they know it or not. My nieces and nephews who have no RESP or RRSP's to look forward to. I gave birth to two children but I carry a much bigger load. I am not struggling, I am fighting. I am not out of the game, I am in it. I want more for my children than anyone has ever wanted for me, including myself, until now. I used to kick myself in the butt for my decisions, now I pat myself on the back.


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