Christa: A story of success

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Christa Nassar returned to Fanshawe College to rediscover her confidence. A graduate of Fanshawe’s Business Insurance program in 2009, she relocated to Toronto with plans on starting her career. Shortly after, Christa lost her sight to diabetic retinopathy.

Legally blind in both eyes, she found herself back in her parents’ home. “Ever since I moved back in with my parents, I have been determined to move back out, but I knew that I wasn’t confident enough in my abilities to start work again,” she says.

In 2012, Christa took control of her future by enrolling in Fanshawe’s Office Administration – Executive program. When she told her friends and family she was returning to school, most assumed she would be taking classes by correspondence. That wasn’t Christa’s plan; she wanted to be on campus where she could use and become comfortable with the accessible equipment the school has to offer.

Christa has excelled in the program, managing straight A’s and finding herself on the Dean’s list both years of the program. Currently completing her second co-op placement as a data entry clerk with Fanshawe’s Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services, Christa says Fanshawe has helped build her confidence to start working again. “(My co-op) helped my confidence a lot,” she says. “It gave me encouragement to realize that losing my sight isn’t the end of the world.”

Christa hopes to work at Fanshawe and is looking forward to her convocation next June. When she walks across the stage with her service dog, Jorinda, both will be wearing a grad gown thanks to thoughtful fashion design students. “I’m going to ask the President to shake Jorinda’s paw.”


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