Christine: A story of hard work

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I originally moved to London in 2005 after I graduated high school to take the Tourism and Travel program. It was close by to my parents so I wouldn't have to travel far to go home. However, after completing the program, I decided it wasn’t for me and took some time off.

After some time and reflection, I decided to return to Fanshawe for the Office Administration - Executive program. During this two-year period, I attended classes full-time and also worked full-time at Harvey’s after classes and on weekends. Between school and work I was putting in over 60 hours a week - and that was even before homework and assignments! In my third semester my now husband proposed and I began planning my wedding on top of everything else!

In the end I was able to complete my diploma with a 4.1 GPA! Through it all, the teachers were fantastic and enabled me to be ready for my current career path. I was hired on part-time with Fanshawe almost immediately after finishing my courses, and then eight-months later I landed a permanent full-time position with St. Joseph's Hospital. I feel beyond blessed with this career and the education I gained at Fanshawe allowed me to succeed!


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