Courtney: A story of dreams

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I am currently attending the St. Thomas Fanshawe Campus for a SWAC program to complete the rest of my grade 12 credits by the end of this year. I have applied to the London Campus for September 2015 and I am hoping to get accepted to the Child and Youth Worker program.

No one has a perfect life; everyone is raised in different families. As a result, I appreciate the life I have. It's not always great - my family is low on money and I've always had a hard time staying in school and staying motivated.

I was transferred to an alternative school where I met the greatest teacher of my life. She chose to believe in me and encourage me. Since then I have had a positive outcome from school and will be graduating. For that I will always remember her and thank her. I have been attending a SWAC program at Fanshawe and taking a half course in Child and Youth Worker.

I am currently beginning my journey to a college education and I'm excited to begin my career helping others and children to make a better future. I am a dedicated student to pursuing my dreams. I hope you enjoy my story.


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