Cuong: A story of success

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My name is Cuong Le, I am 46 years old. I am currently working for Sodecia North America Inc. as a Quality Technician. My goal is to pursue Quality as my career, so in the last two years, I have been working hard to manage my time for work and taking part-time courses at Fanshawe College in London.

With great determination and help from my instructors at school, I have overcome the fear and obstacles to fulfill my dream. I have now completed all the courses and am waiting for graduation.

My advice for anyone who wants to earn a certified trade:

"Go ahead, don't be afraid! You are never too old to learn and you will get help at Fanshawe to get through. Fanshawe College is a good school for everybody with a great track record! Believe me! If I can do it - of course you can! Determination + Courage + Positivity = Success! Go for it!"


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