Dan: A story of value

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I entered Fanshawe as an adult student in my mid-30's and it was one of the better decisions in my life even though the thought of going back to school at that age was terrifying. I was already working in my field of choice, but needed the education to obtain a management position - which I did several times after graduating with honors.

Since leaving Fanshawe, I have had a rewarding career working with people from Ontario to Eastern Canada and back home to London in the past few years working with post-incarcerated men - those caught up in life-controlling addictions, the homeless and near homeless, those that society tosses to the side.

The one theme that reaffirmed my belief structure while attending my program at Fanshawe was that everyone has "value!" I came from a good home life - I was one of the lucky ones, even though I took it for granted. Now I had my own "bumps" in life and was even going through some real serious life changes during my Fanshawe years. However, the theme of value and second chances continued to speak to me through my program.

Today, I enjoy great success helping people move forward in their life at Ark Aid Street Mission, thanks in part to skills I obtained at My Collage, Fanshawe!


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