Daniel: A story of creativity

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Daniel Phillips is the co-founder and owner of London's incredibly popular lifestyle and fashion startup, Illbury + Goose, and a graduate of Fanshawe College’s Graphic Design program. Widely-recognized as one of London’s most influential young graphic designers, Daniel’s unique designs have been recognized and used by various startups, high-end fashion brands, and national promotion companies, as well as within his own successful business.

Illbury + Goose, which features many of Daniel’s design work, is the much sought-after provider of a nostalgic, trendy line of socially-conscious goods that has ignited Londoner's patriotism for their city, both at home and abroad. The company is also incredibly sustainable, recently introducing its first Canadian-made garment collection - weaving, sewing, printing are all done in Canada.

A figurehead at the company, Daniel’s role at Illbury + Goose is to provide all things visual. Illbury + Goose thrives on the ability to personalize the experience of all of its customers by cooperatively working with small businesses to bring locally-made, private label products to Canadians everywhere.


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