Danielle: A story of strength

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"You will go no where in life", said my principle during grade 6 testing. From that day, I believed I was nothing. It was hard going through high school knowing I would be a "McLifer". BUT...what I wanted to be from age seven helped. With always having that dream in the back of my head, when grade 10 came around something clicked. I had all my courses changed for grade 11. My friends helped me with everything! I hardly knew what to do in class and the work was hard, but I got through it! I had no family support and I took a year to save money. Then I applied to college. I was accepted at Fanshawe first and saw my opportunity to rise.

With a lot of doubts, and failure in my mind I went forward. I am now the strongest person I have ever been! It has taken an extra semester to finish but I've looked passed that. I AM FINISHED! I have passed everything to the best of my ability!

Fanshawe has changed my life. I will teach people to follow their dreams know matter what negative people say! In June 2015 I will be a DSW graduate. I'm am so proud of myself and the strength I have had to complete this chapter in my life.


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