Debbie & Shawn: A story of our story

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Our Story… Small city boy Shawn moves to the big city to attend Fanshawe College in 1983. He meets a city girl Deb at his place of work and he has decided that school wasn’t for him and a fulltime job had more opportunity with a steady income. A few years go by and the fulltime job consisting of late nights and weekends were not what he sees or wants in his future. In 1986 Shawn decides to enroll once again at Fanshawe for the same program that he previously was here for. Shawn was fortunate enough to be accepted again into the 4 year Architectural Technology program which is a co-op endorsed program. Shawn lands a co-op placement in Physical Resources and the rest is history… Shawn and I married in May 1990, one month after his graduation in April and there would be no honeymoon as Shawn had been offered a fulltime job at the college!! Fast forward 30 plus years and Shawn is Senior Manager, Campus Planning & Capital Development (name of the department has changed over the years) where he completed his co-op and I work fulltime for The School of Design and Contemporary Media as the SIS Designate. Our daughter also attends Fanshawe.
Thank you Fanshawe it has been quite the ride and our journey is not over yet!


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