Dominique: A story of growth

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Previously, I worked in Toronto doing subtitling and closed captioning for TV and film; I also freelanced as a court reporter typist, typing some juicy court cases, and worked on a cruise ship in Europe. These were some interesting jobs, and I don’t regret a thing, but when turning 40 I realized I still had 25 more years in the workforce to go and decided that I owed I deserved to give myself a meaningful and solid career.

Going back to school was the best thing I ever did, and it has flown by! I’ve met so many great people, with the same interests in me, and hope they will become lifelong friends. I was very careful about the program I chose, because what I originally took in my early 20s turned out to be unwise with the changing times. Food and Nutrition Management is a really solid career direction, because the largest demographic (the baby boomers) will be expanding the long term care industry hugely and create many jobs in the upcoming years.

On a personal level, learning about nutrition earlier on in life, before the aches and pains have even begun, leads to informed and healthier living choices. Why not get educated on all the nutrients needed for a healthy immune system and cell reproduction and avoid disease in the first place?


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