Drew: A story of for the future

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I am a father of three little kids. I work full time and travel to and from Fanshawe, Sarnia and back every weekend. It's difficult trying to keep up with three kids, a job and a wife, while maintaining good grades. I hope to become an electrician and eventually open my own business in the future. I am glad that my wife is very supportive of my decision to go to college and work towards my goals because she has to raise the kids by herself on the weekends. I appreciate all of the teachers I have and am thankful that they are willing to sacrifice they're weekends to teach me and the rest of my classmates.

I have definitely made some new friends while going to school and enjoy the jokes and fun we have on our lunch breaks. I am hoping to graduate on the honour roll this year because I didn't do the best throughout high school.

My story is for my hopes and aspirations for the future... and my success the college is helping me write a new page in my history. So here's to the future and thanks to all of my teachers at the college and everyone that has helped me make the weekend college a great success. Thanks everyone!


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