Dustin: A story of reaching out

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I have always been passionate towards helping others. After having a one-on-one tour with the Paramedic Program Coordinator of 2005-07, Mark Hunter, now Chair of Fanshawe College School of Public Safety, it was clear that Fanshawe College was the institution where I would start the path to my career.

During my years of study my passion continued to grow with the encouragement and support provided by the dedicated faculty. At graduation I was fortunate to be one of six to be hired by the local paramedic service. As well, I was hired by Fanshawe College as a Technician allowing me to give back with the education of future graduates.

Throughout my 7.5 years of service I have been able to help those in their time of need and experienced every patients feelings along side them. In my fifth year of service I was promoted from part-time directly into Operations Deputy Superintendent. In addition, as of 2014 I was appointed by the Honourable Deputy Premier of Ontario Minister Deb Mathews and my Chief as Community Paramedicine Project Lead for Middlesex-London EMS.

Fanshawe College has also continued to advance my career where I am now a Part-time Professor for the Paramedic Program and invested in our students success.

Fanshawe is more than just an institution. It's the start to your story.


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