Elyssa: A story of strength

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Strength is the state of being strong. That is what I had to do in order to succeed. Life was not easy for me growing up. A single mother who suffered from drug addiction, my little brother who I had to care for and surrounded by poverty. That life was not for me, I knew I had to withstand all the negative forces and eventually I would be able to conquer the world. I moved out at 16 and knew I had to focus on my education. Starting on welfare, I went to school. I landed a management job and stayed for 10 years to support my child. As a single mother, my focus was my son. It wasn’t until 2 years ago, with the support of family, I up and quit my job, now that we were secure, to chase my dream of becoming a social worker. I then entered Fanshawe, graduated the Human Services Foundation on the Presidents Honour Roll, obtained a scholarship and am now in the Social Worker program at Fanshawe. There were times I cried, or wanted to give up but not once did I ever allow myself to be weak. I want the life I dream of. With determination and my son cheering me on, I will shine in strength in all I do and continue to move mountains.


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