Emilie: A story of realizing my potential

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When I was in high school, my grades were mediocre. When I was as deciding whether to take academic or applied subjects, my guidance counselor asked whether I would be going to college or university. I laughed. I thought he was crazy for asking me, I'm not smart enough to go to university, I'll go to college. So I took all applied courses and did what I could to get into college. I took a victory lap in high school and I went to Lambton College to take part in their dual credit program. That year I applied to five colleges for Social Service Worker and I was accepted into all five. I decided to go to Fanshawe and what I didn't realize was my potential. I love my program, I am doing exceedingly well in my placement and I have also been on the Dean's Honour Roll. This is something I never thought could be accomplished. After this, I did the unthinkable. I applied to university. I was accepted into both schools I applied for and I will now be completing my Bachelor of Social Work at Wilfred Laurier University this September. I underestimated what I was capable of. Thank you Fanshawe for helping me realize my potential.


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