Emily: A story of continuing education

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There is only so much education that you can gain from a book. After graduating from Carleton University in 2013 and continuing my education at Western in grief and bereavement, I decided that I needed real world experience that only a field placement with Fanshawe could give me. I had just finished putting the baby I was nannying down for a nap when I saw the email that the Social Service Worker – Fast Track program was now being offered at the James N. Allen (Simcoe) campus and knew that this was my chance. After calling the campus and speaking with the program coordinator I was sold on the school and the program, enrolling immediately.

Starting my third program at only 22 was intimidating; I had been collecting sweaters and degrees faster than I could pick them up. However once I started at Fanshawe I instantly saw the difference in the education that I was getting and the value it would have in the working world. Since leaving high school all I have ever wanted was to make a positive difference in peoples lives and Fanshawe in helping me do that.

The value of an education is not in how much you paid for it but what you take from it and what you give back to your community.


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