Gail: A story of family and fanshawe

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Fanshawe has clearly enriched my life and the lives of my family!

Upon graduating in 1988, I went to Fanshawe as a mature student and upon graduation, was hired as an Executive Director. My children understood that it's never too late to return to school and have a meaningful and contributory life. All three of them excelled in their different programs at Fanshawe College and are proud Alumni. They continue to take programs and support continuous learning! They inspire me daily!

As President of the Fanshawe Alumni Association, I have been able to work with and see the impact of being part of the Fanshawe family as well. The FAA is another family in my life. I have the privilege to work alongside of amazing men and women who contribute to their communities as professionals based on their successful Fanshawe education and experience. The common denominator is not just their education but also, in being a part of Fanshawe they have witnessed the impact of countless graduates making a difference around the world. We work to support current students in their academic and program goals.

I am proud to honour all of our alumni from our most seasoned alumnus to our most recent grads! We are all a part of the family of FANSHAWE FOREVER!!!


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