Ganna: A story of dream that came true

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What brought you to Fanshawe?

I came to Fanshawe all the way from Ukraine in 2012. Browsing through hundreds of Canadian colleges that offered interactive design programs I found that Interactive Media Design program from Fanshawe stood out way beyond the competition. So I came here to study what I passionate about and do what I love for life!

Tell us about your favourite Fanshawe experience.

My favourite Fanshawe experience was a blended course when we had three components taught by three professors in one semester. First we learned how to work in Photoshop, then how to use Digital Cameras to take our own pictures and then how to code our first photo gallery. It was amazing.

What impact has Fanshawe had on your life?

Fanshawe completely changed my life. Here I met the best people I have ever had in my life and built strong bonds with them. At Fanshawe I found my first mentor who helped me to grow up as a coder. Fanshawe opened doors into the interactive media industry. And I can honestly say that my years at Fanshawe are the best in my life!


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