Heather: A story of metamorphosis

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We live in an ever-changing and competitive world. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to attain meaningful and lasting employment as employees are abundantly available and easy to replace.

Before Fanshawe College I was an eager, ambitious and dedicated "jack-of-all-trades". I was constantly jumping from job to job with no options for anything better for myself or my family. My passion and enthusiasm for art, design and theatre had no place in "the real world" and I was under-appreciated in every job I took on.

It wasn't until I sat down for coffee with a friend when she looked at me and said, "Heather, I know you're interested in everything and you want to do everything - you're good at everything you do! But you can't do everything my dear. Why don't you pick something and run with it? Once you do - nothing will stand in your way." It was just what I needed (thanks Diane) and that very afternoon in August, 2013 I looked up available courses at Fanshawe College (simply because I could walk there from my house) that were still accepting students the following month.

The bright, white screen popped up and there it was - "Landscape Design".
Green. Design. Art. Public Speaking. Presenting. - THIS is what I was born to do!
My metamorphosis is not complete but I have changed!


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