Jackie: A story of dedication

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I moved to London from Sudbury Ont. when I was 16. I dropped out of high school by the age of 18 and found myself down a rough road, moving from place to place with no self worth. At the age of 20 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and found a whole new meaning to life. I finished my grade 12 by the time I was 23. I spent the next few years working dead end minimum wage jobs making ends meet to keep my family a float. In 2013 I lost my job working in an office, and had the worst year of my life. Unable to find employment, while trying to avoid going back on welfare I decided to go back to school. Thinking outside of the box, I chose to take something that was completely out of my realm, and to my amazement I found my calling. In the spring of 2015 I will be graduating with a 3.0 average from the Motive Power program. I have found a place of employment to begin my apprenticeship and begin my career as an automotive technician. Throughout my life experience I have proven to myself and my daughter that patience and perseverance is key to a successful future. I am thanking the staff at Fanshawe College for helping me reach my potential.


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