Jason: A story of second chances

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I was a student at Fanshawe College from 2010-2013. My journey through College was not easy and faced a lot of unfortunate circumstances from knee surgery and recovery, sickness, depression and a lack of motivation. I was almost kicked out of College.

When a student thinks about and goes to College or University, that student thinks about how much fun and how many new friends that they will make. Entering in 2010, my fun was limited due to having a swollen knee before knee surgery at the end of December 2010 and in early 2011, much of the semester was spent in depression.

In fall 2011, I lacked motivation to do well in school and suffered from depression too. It finally came down for my program coordinators to kick me out of the program in 2012. I was broken because I knew I was better than this.

I was given a second chance by the Chair of School of Health Sciences to make classes and do well in my final semester to graduate in 2012/13

Now, I am at the University of Guelph getting a degree in Political Science, made the Gryphon football team and I am now headed to Australia in March 2015 to play and coach American football in the top football division.

Never doubt yourself, look at what you can do.


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