Jennifer: A story of perseverance

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I am a student of Early Childhood Education at Fanshawe. I am committed to Ontario’s Early Learning Framework, Emergent Curriculum and Reflective Practice. My desire to work with children is rooted in my own early experience. I was a “spirited” child -- curious and independent, but highly sensitive. My intentions and actions were often misunderstood by teachers and other adults. These experiences gave me insight into how children think and react, and what they need to feel engaged and empowered in the classroom and the community.

I believe when you find an activity inherently and endlessly interesting, you have found a passion. This is what work in the field of Early Childhood Education is for me. My commitment to Early Childhood Education is reflected in related pursuits. In January 2016, I will begin a series of courses through The MEHRIT Centre (founded by Dr. Stuart Shanker) to deepen my understanding of the science and practice of self-regulation. In June 2016, I am making a trip to Tanzania, East Africa, where I will lead a volunteer project of my own design to explore the benefits of Emergent Curriculum to children’s mental health. This project will be at an orphanage called The Baobab Home.


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