Jesse: A story of vision

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Completing the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Fanshawe College was the beginning of my journey into the fitness industry. I had an amazing experience at Fanshawe, graduating in 2012 with honours. Like most, I got my first exposure to the industry in a commercial gym that stemmed from a placement opportunity during my time in FHP.

These experiences led me to understand that there were many opportunities in the industry. Continuing education through certifications, seminars, webinars, and quality conversations have led to greater knowledge and valuable relationships that are irreplaceable.

I was fortunate enough to transition from a client, to coach, and now coach as well as partner at West London CrossFit.

This has opened up many avenues to share my passion. I have been fortunate to appear on two podcasts (Life By Design Podcast #146 & Parenting Rebels #34), as well as produce articles videos found on our website. I am able to coach and consult with individuals to help them discover the potential they have to live a healthy, active life.

My hope is to be able to share my story with current and future FHP student to help open their minds to creating professional and personal happiness for themselves. We are accepting our first placement student in the 2016 spring semester and look forward to welcoming them to our amazing community.


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