Jessica: A story of determination

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I don't know who I am yet or where I may end up but I do know a couple things for certain. I am a strong girl and not that you would be able to see because of how skinny I've become from the stresses of my adolescence. Would there be food today? Would I have clean clothes? Would we be evicted this month? The chaos that surrounded me didn't bitter me or dull my motivation. It instead granted me a pure heart with the ability to see the good even if it's buried deep. I picked my course DSW because to me the most amazing feeling in the world is to help others. My volunteer experience working with special need students/adults was uplifting and absolutely life changing. As the first child out of three to complete highschool and get accepted into college, I am proud. I chose Fanshawe because they do indeed offer my course of interest, but they also have an amazing student-oriented atmosphere and it is my pleasure to be apart of that in the coming years.


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