Jessica: A story of career development

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Fanshawe College has been a part of my life for the past 15 years, as a student, employee and alumni.
In high school, I was very interested in pursuing education at Fanshawe. My best friend and I wanted to move away, but as small town girls wanted to be close to home. The London campus was a perfect 50 minute drive.
I spent 4 years pursuing training at Fanshawe, where I gained both academic and life skills. I completed a Human Services Foundation Certificate and a Child and Youth Worker Advanced Diploma. I highly recommend this program, the real life experience from lengthy placements taught me more than any full-time classroom could and the in-class instructors who worked in the field were also an integral part, sharing their real life examples.
I spent 2 summers working as a student for Fanshawe within the Community Career and Employment Services Department, where I learned my own career direction. A year after graduating, I started working with the College on a part-time/contract basis, while pursuing further education. Now 14 years later I am a full-time Fanshawe employee, doing what I love within the Employment Services Department, close to my small town in Norfolk County. I am honoured to represent such a reputable College and plan to continue to grow with the college for many years to come!


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