Jessie: A story of inspiration

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I was accepted into Fanshawe College for September 2007. I applied as a mature student and after a few short months, I realized that I didn't have the funds to support my college career. That's when I had a professor suggest to me that I apply for the Jamie Gillies Memorial Scholarship fund. I wrote the essay and it came as a shock when shortly thereafter I received an interview based off of my essay. This was my shot. The ONE time in my life when first impression is really a lasting impression. Weeks went by after that interview and I was convinced that I didn't receive the honour. I received a phone call, late one evening. The lady told me that the winner of the memorial scholarship fund had been chosen and thanked me for coming out to the interview. Yes, I said congrats! You are the recipient of the 2008 Jamie Gillies Memorial Scholarship Fund. Your two years of schooling has been covered 100%.

To this day, I couldn't be more thankful for that opportunity. My schooling laid the foundation of my now successful Cake and Cookie design business, Jonesin' for Cake. I am forever thankful to Fanshawe College.


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