Jiehe: A story of reaching my dream.

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I always believed that I was a girl who could adapt to any new environment fairly easily. But after I followed my love to be an immigrant in Canada, I found out that I was totally wrong. The language barrier brought many inconveniences to my life. I couldn’t find a good job like I had in China and I didn’t know how to go shopping by myself. I felt lost and frustrated.

Fanshawe not only taught me a new language, it has also given me a dream - a dream of a beautiful future. I used one year to study English at Fanshawe and then I chose ECE to continue my education. I earned the Dean’s Honour Roll in school and got my faculty advisor’s acknowledgement and appreciation.

From not knowing how to speak English to almost completing my degree, all of this would not happen if not for Fanshawe College. Fanshawe gave me a new life, a chance to adapt to this country and society.

I believe I will be an excellent kindergarten teacher. To me, Fanshawe is like my home, making me feel secure and comfortable. The professors are like my parents. They are selfless in helping me move forward. I can’t image what my life would be without coming here. Thank you Fanshawe College. Because of you, I can reach my dream now.


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