Jodi: A story of gratitude

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People have said that whatever there is a cause to champion, I can be found. I am particularly passionate about my deep connection to women who thrive in our community against all odds – survivors of childhood trauma, sexual violence and woman abuse. Passionate about changing the health care experiences of women survivors accessing care, I earned a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences – Health Professional Education from Western University. During my graduate work, I was the research coordinator of a Canadian Institute of Health Research funded study, entitled “Embodied Trauma: The impacts of abuse on the transition to mothering”. In partnership with colleagues from Western, I am currently conducting a community based needs assessment with street-based sex workers.

Presently, I have the honor of teaching and conducting research as a full-time professor in the School of Nursing at Fanshawe College. My role is unique in that much of my time (aside from teaching) is spent fostering research skills among faculty – building capacity to launch faculty into the wonderful world of scholarship. This role has allowed me to consult on a variety of unique and important research projects for which I am very grateful - ranging from the evaluation of a Horticultural garden therapy program with a long-term care home as a partner, to the retention of Aboriginal student nurses.


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