Jomel: A story of motivation

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How Fanshawe motivated me to opt for Masters in Engineering

My name is Jomel Varghese, an Alumnus of Fanshawe College. It gives me great pleasure to share this with you. I joined the Information Security Management program in January 2013 where I got an in-depth knowledge of the field that I always wanted to be in - Information Technology. We were not just limited to listening and learning from highly qualified professors, but it gave us the opportunity to have hands-on experience on everything that we learned. It was practical experience for the real world.

The dedicated professors, non-stop encouragement to learn new things, and motivation to enter the core of technology all contributed to why I opted for my Masters in Engineering in the field of Networks.

The experience I gained from Fanshawe is now helping me not just in my academics, but to be a good person as well.

I was, I am and will always be very proud to say that I am a part of this great institution we call Fanshawe College.


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