Jon: A story of discovery

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I realized the power and importance of telling stories through a project in Zambia, Same World Same Chance.

In 2008, I flew to Zambia, met up with my sister, Marissa, and ventured off to a remote village called Kibombomene. She had fallen in love with the people there and wanted to help them.

I gathered footage and interviews and photographs. The hope was to show people back in Canada why these rural Zambian kids deserved a shot at an education just as much as anyone else. It resulted in creating my first documentary.

My trip to Africa inspired me to travel even more and I began working as a freelance videographer and editor. Less than two years later, I went to Vancouver and worked as a video journalist at the 2010 Olympics and also filmed for a documentary of a Paralympic skier.

In 2013, I returned to Africa to visit my sister and the project site. It was a dream in the making. Two school buildings filled with students in uniform and eager to learn.

Traveling empowered me to tell stories through what I love to do – run a camera. Fanshawe is it’s own little world in a way. The school is filled with endless stories, backgrounds and experiences, and part of my work is getting to meet those people and share their stories.


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