Jong Phil: A story of determination

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I came to Canada to realize my dream of becoming a successful business man. I had my wife and son by my side, but I was still very nervous of starting a new life in a new country. Everything was unfamiliar and there were some large barriers in my path; learning English as well as a different culture, and hoping to obtain Permanent Residency status after graduation in order to remain in Canada.

Fanshawe’s Business Marketing program is helping me face those barriers. As a student, I am not only learning the Canadian business system, but also the Canadian culture. The co-op portion of the program gave me a good opportunity to get real-life business experience. The College’s International Office has also been very useful helping me adapt to new circumstances with lot of information, events and guides to consulting and learning programs.

With those supports, I have been able to achieve remarkable results. I am on the President’s Honour Roll and I found a job working at Subway where I am learning business. I have since become a manager and am still heading toward my dream. Thanks, Fanshawe!


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