Jose: A story of dedication

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I came to Canada as an immigrant in 2004 from my home country, Colombia. I experienced major barriers - learning English, adapting to a new culture and working to support my family (wife and two kids).

After doing all the necessary credits, I decided to start my dream career as a Graphic Designer. After three years of inspiration, hard work and dedication, I graduated from Fanshawe’s Graphic Design program.

After I graduated, I worked as a freelance graphic designer while looking for any job opportunity in my field. At the same time, I took an online course as a Professional Photographer and worked delivering pizzas, in landscaping, and a car parts company, but always with my resume and my portfolio ready for any opportunity. I never lost hope in achieving my goals.

In November 2013, I proudly accepted a position as a Graphic Designer in the Fanshawe College Reputation and Brand Management department. Working in the college is a dream come true and demonstrates to all immigrants that with effort, discipline and dedication we can all achieve our goals and work for a country that has helped us so much in many ways.

Thanks Fanshawe College for helping me make my dream come true!


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