JP: A story of rejuvenation

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Everything changed in October 2009 when Sterling Trucks in St. Thomas announced they were closing. I had been working there since 2002 working my way up the ranks to supervisor/health and safety rep.

Through a recommendation from a friend, I was able to secure employment at the local McDonalds while I explored the second career programs offered at Fanshawe to gain the skills to get back into the workforce.

Using my past experiences as a radio DJ in Kenora, Ontario, as well as supervisor/health & safety rep in St. Thomas, I quickly came across the EMT1 (Emergency Telecommunications) program. The thought of having the training to help someone in distress and potentially play a role in saving a life excited me, and in that moment I knew what I wanted to do.

I was accepted into the course and began down the road to my future in January 2010 all while continuing to work at McDonalds to provide for my wife and then 12 year old son.

I graduated in April 2010 with Honors. Eight months later, while on a break at McDonalds, I received a call for an interview with the London Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC). In January 2016 I will celebrate five years with CACC. This would not have been possible without the support of my family, friends and Fanshawe College.


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